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Its importance depends on its collaborative efforts. Mostly we get diversified and isolated in small pockets based on our choice,need and ability.Whenever batch-mates meet their bonding during school days gets revived and takes nostalgic roots to their Alma Mater.

Every child grows only to fly. Yet, there is a need to take care of the organization, where they learned their first lessons of flight.

Sri Gurudatta High school is the genesis of deep thought process. Its aim is to improve skills, and make minds develop a “Growth Mindset”.

Unfortunately many students are placed disproportionately.Extending a hand both downwards for them to uplift and upward to bloom stands as virtue.This is the need of the present times.Initially we hold this platform and invite you to join and share your ideas of congregation,growth module, nascent benevolence, In-sourcing,and derive joy in doing so.

Best wishes from all our teachers who will stand firm with you!


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